To end sexual violence against women on tea plantations.

Do you know the true cost of your tea?

The tea industry has been hiding a dark secret.

On the surface, it may just look like a comforting cuppa but in the milky depths, your brew is hiding an uncomfortable truth.

As exposed by BBC Africa, up to 3 out of 4 women working on tea plantations live in fear of sexual violence and exploitation. This means the tea many of us enjoy comes at a devastating cost to women's safety.

And here’s what really takes the biscuit - even certifications don't guarantee safety.

Unfortunately, the stamps of approval that we’ve all come to know don’t tell the full story. Sexual violence can still occur within these systems of fair pay and sustainability, so Typhoo is taking a targeted approach.


Our vision is a world where women working on tea plantations are free from the fear of sexual violence.

Change is brewing

Change is


Is your tea part of the solution?

Tea shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, and it definitely shouldn't come at the cost of women's safety.

 We’ve made massive changes to the way we source and deliver our brand-new blend, to make sure no one else pays the price for a Typhoo brew.

Handpicking our tea suppliers

From hundreds to a handful of trusted growers who put women’s safety first.

Where we used to buy our tea leaves from hundreds of plantations, now we’re sourcing a better solution from a select few. These pioneering partners in Kenya and Malawi share our vision for a Fear Free tea industry - and that means prioritising women’s safety.

Giving Typhoo a new purpose

We’re running a tight ship at Typhoo so a portion of our profits can fund the fear free mission.

Working with pioneering plantations means paying a bit more for tea - for us. We’re putting our money where our mouth is, streamlining our processes behind the scenes so that your cuppa remains as affordable as ever - for you.

Launching the Fear Free Council

Bringing together growers and experts to lead the industry’s first Fear Free initiatives.

Our profits support projects on plantations that directly impact women’s well-being and work to eradicate sexual violence. These initiatives are carefully curated by the Fear Free Council - a partnership between Typhoo, industry experts and plantations.

Typhoo’s 6 sourcing principles


Prioritise women's safety:

We source from farms that prioritise women's safety using pioneering frameworks, covering financial commitment, accountability for human rights issues and complete transparency.


Select long-term partners:

Sourcing from a small number of partners ensures high volume and long-term partnerships, protecting their businesses and workers during challenging times, and continuously improving.


Maintain direct relationships:

Direct relationships allow us to fully understand the scale of our partners' problems and collaborate on solutions.


Establish fair agreements:

Setting up agreements with fair prices and paying above market price enables our partners to care for their workers and tea communities.


Invest in women's safety:

We commit to funding long-term initiatives on our partner plantations that work to prevent sexual violence and support the victim-survivors.


Ensure quality tea:

Quality tea means higher prices and therefore better conditions for the people who grow and pick our leaves.

Brits drink a whopping 100 million cups of tea every day. That’s enough to fill more than 200 double-decker buses!

Feeling like a small drop in a big brew?

Feeling like a

small drop in

a big brew?

Every cuppa


Every cup is a step closer to our goal of ending sexual violence in the tea industry. Choose your brew in the fight for Fear Free tea.

Your brew is doing a world of good

Your brew is doing

a world of good

Take a look at some of the important projects your cuppa is supporting to tackle the root causes of sexual violence and make work a whole lot safer for women on our partner plantations.

Knowledge is Power Against Sexual Violence

Through a comprehensive 5-day human rights training program, 600 tea workers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognise and address all forms of workplace violations, including gender-based and sexual violence. By covering their wages during the training, the program ensures that every worker has the opportunity to learn and advocate for their rights without financial burden.

Empowering Women to Lead the Way

This leadership training initiative is designed to empower women and pave the way for their advancement into management positions on tea plantations. The 2-day intensive program, reinforced by monthly follow-up sessions, provides 104 women with the necessary skills, confidence, and support to become effective leaders and drive positive change within the industry.

Breaking the Silence Through Theatre

In collaboration with local theatre groups, our partner plantations are bringing the issue of sexual violence to centre stage. By engaging tea workers as actors and performers and performing before key community stakeholders, including police and magistrates, these powerful productions confront the taboo topic head-on, shedding light on the realities faced by women on tea plantations.